Website Creation

For both practice and learning, I created and set up websites for friends and family. These are the finished products.

Pork Shack UK

Pork Shack Site

Pork Shack UK is a food trailer company that specialises in Phillipino food, run by my sister and her husband, the site itself is a simply applied Hugo template, but was my first attempt at working with Hugo. As a single-page website, it acts as a fast-loading and hopefully, SEO-optimised experience.

Pasion en Miniatura

Pasion en Miniatura Site

PasiĆ³n en Miniatura, is a Spanish blog centred around miniature cars. The idea of setting this up, was to stand as a way for a friend to showcase his work as a content writer, specifically in Spanish. The build of it, is also mainly Hugo, with a CMS connected in the form of, the same CMS I use for this site.

Skip the City

Skip the City was a multilingual blog I set up using Wordpress, while working with travel company, Hellotickets. While the English homepage, was a proof of concept, of what it could become, the Spanish site is where you’ll find the meat of the blog, with many posts structured by myself, and written by a colleague and friend.

While I had previously worked in wordpress before, years ago, this was my first real dive into the platform. I had to use a number of CSS tricks and hacks, in order to get the site to how we wanted it. But in the end, I’m very proud of how it turned out.

We also worked on an Instagram together with a very clear and distinct design, for travel:



Weddingstr is a concept application I thought up. The concept is an application that would help the soon-to-be-married, wedding planners find the perfect wedding venue, while giving wedding venues an easy-to-use place to organize and contact clients.
Basically a hybrid of AirBnB/ for wedding venues.