Migration 2.0 - Jekyll to Hugo

Migrating from Jekyll to Hugo

This has been a post a long time coming, since the switch from Jekyll to Hugo happend a long while ago.

The reason for the switch was partly to see how Go language works, and redesign the site for a much cleaner look. In the end it was actually relatively easy, since it’s simply a case of changing the templating language and structure.

In the end, for the overall design, I ported Ghost’s London theme to Hugo, so one day I’ll probably share a variant of it on GitHub (was previously working on a webcomic-friendly template).

At the moment I’ve been delving into the world of React, with plans to look React Native afterwards. JavaScript has been an Achilles heel for a while when it comes to me and front-end development.

Enter React, Udemy and a lot of free-time.