To Broaden or Focus

My experience moving my site to an SSG

unsplash-logoDillon Lobo

Since building this website and then sharing it with some colleagues and friends, one thing was brought to my attention above everything else.

The website was far too broad with readers failing to find the main point that I was trying to get across.

This makes sense, as this is pretty much something I battle in every day life. In trying to be good at everything, I would find myself either stretching myself too thinly or finishing once satisfied with my own level (which can sometimes be almost impossible in itself or simply put lazily defined).

Obviously, nobody likes to be stretched and eternally unsatisfied, so this raised the question of whether it’s better to be a good at many things or amazing at one thing. Now, I’m too far gone to be amazing at one thing and I also believe that especially in this day and age, it takes both dedication and drive to be truly amazing and shine above everyone else.

After that you are putting yourself in a very vulnerable position of only offering the world that one skill, even though you’re amazing at it.

Be great at specific things

I still like and agree with the Jack-of-all-trades approach to life, but definitely can see that there’s also not much call for the guy who can fix LG air-conditioners AND give expert legal advice for the patent office.

So with that in mind I decided to use this website as a way of trying to focus on one particular aspect and that is web design and setup, while offering extra services on the side in the Services part.

This page is all very much work in progress since I’m not even sure what or how I want to begin offering to folks.

Slight ramble ahead

If you’ve had a browse of the website, you’ll probably notice in the Projects page there is currently more photography than anything else.

That’s because there’s a whopping 6 years in photography education and professional experience, followed by another 6 years doing it personally.

While I do really enjoy it, photography has always been something that I’ve been wary of turning into a career since having worked as a cruise ship photographer. Admittedly, the website currently does come across as a bit of a compromise.

I should do away with my personal photography projects, they are also a part of me and I want to show that part.

Plus there’s always been a tiny part of me that thinks that one day on my death-bed, all of my photos will be released to the world, and the world (along with my family) will mourn a great loss.

But everyone has that part right?