Native English in Madrid, specializing in Front-End, Web Design and Content.

A bit about me

I moved to Madrid, around 7 years ago and have been working in the Web Development and Content industry for all of that time. I have developed a data-first approach to how we use and write content, focusing on demographic data and information to help tailor relevant content to the people who want it.

I believe success comes in communication and working together, putting the value and success of a company above specific departments.

Skills and knowledge

I am very adept with Photoshop and front-end development, with experience in Indepth Competitor/User Research, Localisation and LQA, Hiring and Coaching.

Tools I have used in regularly include Google Analytics, Search Console, WordPress, Upwork and Fiverr. In addition to WordPress, I frequently tailored certain CSS aspects of the theme I bought, in order to make things feel more tailored.

About this site

Focusing more on JAMstack development, this site is a testament to my front-end abilities. To build this site I used Hugo (The engine), Forestry.io (CMS), Netlify (DNS and Build), GitHub (Hosting).

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